Scheduling and Fees

Scheduling MSU Equipment

Our equipment can be scheduled through the "Book Now" button on the home page. A Project Application must be completed before you are allowed to schedule. Each time a Project Application is submitted, a unique code (ex. pa43) will be generated and emailed to you.

The scheduling directions can be viewed after you have logged in or registered with the scheduling site. When you register with the scheduling site, enter your Project Application code as your login. For assistance with online scheduling, call our office at (662) 325-3019.

Scheduling Premier-Owned Equipment

To schedule use of the X-Ray, CT Scanner, 4D Ultrasound, Linear Accelerator, or Fluoroscopy equipment, complete the project application. Once the project application is submitted, call Premier at 662.320.6800 to schedule an appointment.

Billing/Payment Procedures

  1. I²AT will invoice for all services rendered to the individual researcher
  2. A journal voucher will be processed to transfer the funds to I²AT.
  3. I²AT will process payment to Premier.

MRI Scheduling Instructions

Step One - Train for Safety
To ensure the safety and well-being of our subjects, patients, researchers, and staff, I²AT in conjunction with MSU's Office for Regulatory Compliance requires ALL individuals involved in ALL research projects involving the MRI to complete I²AT Safety Training (detailed below) before scheduling or using the MRI. All individuals must complete I²AT Safety Training annually. For more information, please contact I²AT at (662) 325-3019 or

  • Safety Training Instructions:
    1. Log into myCourses with your netID and password
    2. Click on the 'Self Enrollment' tab at the top of the page
    3. Click 'Enroll' next to the course that you would like to be enrolled in "I2AT Safety Training(Initial)" or "I2AT Safety Training II Refresher Training".
    4. Click 'OK' to confirm.
    5. Click 'myCourses' in the top right corner.
    6. You should see the course in your course list.
    7. Read the instructions and proceed as directed.
    8. Watch the video, while filling out the study guide provided, and then complete the quiz.
    9. Your score will be shown after completion of the quiz. If your score is lower than 88%, you will need to retake the test.

Step Two - Submit your Paperwork
You will need to complete our Project Application with the appropriate IRB/IACUC number, Screening Forms (MRI Screening, Animal Screening), and other related documents for each research project that involves the use of the MRI. The Project Application is designed to provide us with all the contact, compliance and billing information we will need to assist you with your research project. Once you complete the Project Application, you will receive your login for the scheduling site (a unique project application code that must be updated with each new application). Review the Checklist and Equipment Costs before submitting the application.

Please allow seven (7) business days after the submission of the application and other documentation to process your research project application.

Step Three - Schedule the Equipment
Once you have submitted the required application and screening form and your project has been approved, you will receive an email notice confirming your approval. This email is separate from the project application code email. Any appointments made using the code will not be confirmed until we have approved all paperwork. Once you paperwork is approved, you can create a user name and login to the scheduling system. You may schedule your whole project at once, or one session at a time, but you will only be able to schedule as many reservations as you requested in the application. We will try our best to accommodate all scheduling requests. However, at times we might have to suggest alternative dates or times due to the volume of requests or compliance constraints.

  • Scheduling an appointment using the I²AT Scheduling System:
    1. Visit the scheduling website.
    2. Follow the directions on the right hand side of the page to schedule the Equipment.

ALL cancellation requests must be made 24 hours in advance. We understand that particular experimental circumstances may not allow for a 24 hr advance notice. If this is the case, you must notify us at least 2 hr in advance. Not doing so will result in you being charged for the time you have reserved the instrumentation. You must cancel through the online scheduling system. Verbal cancellations may be made, but you must submit your cancellation online as well to avoid being charged for the time.