Outreach Activities

Other Funded Outreach Projects
I²AT partners with other university departments, centers, and institutes, leveraging extramural funding sources to bring technologies to the classroom and the community.

For example, I²AT partnered with MSU's Center for Science Math and Technology and the National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded Industry/Education Partnership (IEP) program to expose middle school and high school teachers to state-of-the-art research technologies available at MSU. I²AT staff designed an activity which involved teachers in a CSI experience. During the first week of the IEP program teachers learned about the technologies available to them through I²AT and set out to design their own crime scenes, gathering evidence during the three weeks of travel to TVA, Northrop Grumman Ship Systems, Nissan, Red Hills Mine, and other industrial sites. Teachers used the various technologies, ranging from simple microscopic observations to 3-dimensional reconstruction technology to nano-particle analysis. Their ultimate goal – to prove "who-done-it"! As they departed, the teachers (students) were given the challenge of designing their own CSI experience for their classrooms. If you are interested in learning more there are several resource sites that you might find helpful. You are also welcome to contact us at I²AT.