Atomic Force Microscopes

Caliber AFM

Caliber AFM
• 3-axis high accuracy with closed-loop and sensored-Z piezo scanners
• Compact easy to handle microscope head adaptable to most environments
• Scanning tip design provides unlimited sample size capability
• Extensive control & analysis software allows simultaneous scanning and analysis
• Capability to easily expand for Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM), Electrostatic Force Microscopy (EFM) and Nanolithography capabilities

Dimension Icon AFM with ScanAsyst

Dimension Icon AFM with ScanAsyst
• Proprietary sensor design achieves closed-loop performance with open-loop noise levels for previously unseen resolution on large-sample AFMs
• New-design XYZ closed-loop head delivers higher scan speed, without loss of image quality, enabling greater throughput for data collection
• Latest version of NanoScope software offers an intuitive workflow and default experiment modes that distill advanced AFM processes into preconfigured settings
• High-resolution camera and X-Y positioning permit faster, more efficient sample navigation

BioScope Catalyst AFM with ScanAsyst

• For our Catalyst, we have contact, tapping, ScanAsyst and peak-force QNM mode with high-resolution optical imaging capability and thermally limited force measurements
• The Catalyst features numerous hardware and software features which make it easy combine atomic force microscopy and light microscopy
• The Microscope Image Registration and Overlay (MIRO™) feature automatically imports and rescales light microscope images, allowing them to be used to direct the location of AFM imaging and force measurements
• The Perfusing Stage Incubator accessory maintains ideal cell culture conditions for long-duration live cell studies