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A relatively new technique called functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) allows scientists to directly observe brain function by mapping changes in blood flow that correspond to mental operations. This non-invasive technology opens new opportunities to understand how the brain is organized and how it functions on multiple levels simultaneously.

I²AT purchased the .7 million GE Signa Excite 3.0 Tesla MRI with a grant from the Office of Naval Research. Research conducted at MSU has applications in facilitating the human interface through controls and instrumentation for complex systems such as aircraft, weapons, and automobiles, as well as in veterinary medicine applications.

Biological imaging equipment available at I²AT allows us to provide critical services to human and pet patients in the community. I²AT, through a partnership with Premier Radiology, makes the equipment, including a 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (3T MRI) machine, available for diagnostic and therapeutic use to area physicians and their patients who did not previously have access to equipment of such power in the Golden Triangle Region. Our biological imaging technology is also available to private practice veterinarians and pet owners in the state through the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine.

3T MRI Overview

GE Medical Systems delivered a 3.0 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging machine to I²AT's new facility on December 27, 2005. I²AT purchased the $2.7 million, high-powered MRI machine with a grant from the Office of Naval Research. Due to construction of the new facility, 3.0T MRI was not available for research use until summer 2006 and clinical use until fall 2006.

The Signa EXCITE 3.0T system is from GE Healthcare, the leader in magnetic resonance imaging technology. Considered the most advanced technology of its kind in the world, the scanner will provide researchers and doctors using I²AT's equipment with highly detailed pictures of anatomy and pathology to help them evaluate a wide range of conditions, including stroke, cancer, musculoskeletal, and heart disease.

MRI technology uses computers and magnetic fields, rather than radiation, to capture images of the human body. With a magnet strength of 3.0 Tesla, the Signa EXCITE 3.0T system is the most powerful MRI scanner available for clinical use.

3T MRI Details

Signa EXCITE 3.0T is the latest generation of MRI technology from GE Healthcare, the company that introduced the first clinically viable high-field MRI system over 20 years ago. The hardware and software advances in Signa EXCITE 3.0T provide exceptional clinical and productivity advantages while creating a platform for new techniques and applications.

From head coils to knee coils, INST has the next generation equipment to provide the best image possible. The SIGNA EXCITE 3.0T system delivers the most comprehensive applications suite in the industry, providing optimal diagnostic capabilities for the assessment of anatomy, morphology, physiology and function.

The Signa EXCITE 3.0T system is built with gold-standard components that provide:

  • The highest levels of magnetic field homogeneity and stability in the industry
  • Open RF architecture with the industry's largest selection of multi-channel coils optimized for parallel imaging
  • New advanced workstation with true simultaneity for unsurpassed clinical productivity

Signa EXCITE 3.0T systems also feature GE EXCITE technology, the industry's first end-to-end redesign of the MRI data pipeline that boosts speed, resolution and SNR far beyond the limits of conventional MRI scanners.

The Signa EXITE 3.0T system supports high productivity in every aspect of workflow with:

  • True parallel processing and ultra-fast reconstruction
  • User interface common to Signa MR and LightSpeed CT scanners to facilitate cross-training
  • Generous 60 cm bore for patient comfort
  • Docking table and dual-sided controls for efficiency
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A picture of the 3T MRI machine
A picture of some MRI auxiliary equipment