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The research at I²AT covers a broad range of topics. Instrumentation includes technologies for diverse microscopy (light, confocal, atomic force, and electron) and microanalysis (e.g. X-ray diffraction) applications, in addition to magnetic resonance imaging used in areas of veterinary medicine, cognitive science, and medical systems. The range of instrumentation found at I²AT allows the institute to cater to many researchers’ needs while fostering interdisciplinary projects.

There are many projects which utilize the microscopy and microanalysis portion of I²AT which are not listed below. To learn more about I²AT's current research projects, call our office at (662) 325-3019.

  • Morphology and and ultrastructure of the chorion of Cimex lectularius,the bedbug,(Hemiptera:Cimicidae), Gerry Baker
  • Fire ant tarsal sensilla (Hymenoptera:Formicidae), Gerry Baker
  • Sensilla on the antennae and mouthparts of two tipulid species (Diptera:Tipulidae), Gerry Baker
  • Sensilla on bed bug mouthparts (Hemiptera:Cimicidae), Gerry Baker