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Any faculty, staff or students working with biohazardous materials must be in compliance with all Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) procedures.For application and information regarding IBC go to

Radiation Materials

Any faculty, staff or students proposing to use radioactive materials must have the proposal reviewed and approved by the Radiological, Chemical and Laboratory Safety Committee. The University’s Radiological, Chemical, and Laboratory Safety, Policy and Procedures Statement must be advised when using radioactive materials. For application and information on radiological safety procedures go to

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste must be disposed of properly following the guidelines instituted by the Office of Regulatory Compliance and Safety. For questions and more information on hazardous wastes and guidelines go to

Shared Facilities Policy

I²AT is located in a shared facility with Veterinary Neurology & Imaging and Premier Imaging. Because of the diversity of activities at the MSU MRI Facility, researchers and I²AT users must remain cognizant of others in the facility. The PI or their representative must be present during all scheduled times and the research technologist will be in place to make sure that procedures go smoothly and human research subjects and animal subjects do not cross paths. All making use of the MSU MRI Facility MUST follow the direction of the PI or their representative and MR technologist at all times.

All doors should be closed during and after procedures. This includes the MRI door, the Research Console door, and all hallways doors between the MRI main entrance and the back door. All researchers are required to enter and exit through the back door. Under no circumstances should a researcher exit the front main entrance after normal business hours.


I²AT allows researchers working at any I²AT managed facility to check out keys as needed with the following conditions:

  1. The researcher must sign a key form which must be renewed on an annual basis. Renewal process includes bringing ALL keys, including MSU MRI Facility Key Cards to the I²AT office for examination and renewal by I²AT Staff.
  2. Once the researcher’s period of employment or association with I²AT has ended, the keys must be returned within 7 days. Failure to return the keys will result in a $35 penalty fee charged directly to the researchers MSU account or invoiced to non-MSU researchers.
Key-card Access to MSU MRI Facility

Because of the diverse research and clinical activities taking place at the MSU MRI Facility, access to the facility will be liminted to those faculty, staff and graduate students who are actively running experiments requiring MSU MRI Facility access. Other circumstances will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Electronic key cards are given to staff and graduate students when requested by the faculty researcher/PI who is listed as the awardee of the grant.

PI/Faculty Researcher Lab Keys

PI lab keys are given to other faculty, staff and graduate student researchers when requested by the PI of that lab. A set of common keys (i.e. keys needed for shared spaces) may be checked out to the PI/faculty researcher to keep in his/her lab. Graduate students will have access to these keys with their primary lab key.

Key Access to the Clay-Lyle Facility

Keys may be checked out for after-hours access to the Clay Lyle facility. Key check out is granted only after I²AT Staff is confident in the researchers abilities to run instrumentation independently and safely. These procedures have been set in place to increase the safety of all individuals working at I²AT as well as alleviate costs associated with purchasing replacement door locks and keys.