Scheduling and Fees

I²AT provides access to some of the most advanced electron microscopy and microanalysis instruments available. We strive to keep operating costs under control in order to offer users access to these instruments at a reasonable rate. The fees we charge are necessary to provide annual service contracts and other operating costs required to keep our instruments running at peak performance and fund our operating staff to assist in acquiring useful data.


Instrument/Service Internal Other Universities External
Bio-Sample Preparation TEM (I2AT preps sample) 250 315 500
Material-Sample Preparation TEM (I2AT preps sample) * ** **
Bio-Sample Preparation SEM (I2AT preps sample) 250 315 500
Material-Sample Preparation SEM (I2AT preps sample) * ** **
Sample Preparation TEM (unassisted) 25 30 50
Sample Preparation SEM (unassisted) 25 30 50
Ion Mill [SEM/TEM] (unassisted) per sample 200 250 400
Technician Assistance 60 75 120
TEM (unassisted) 65 80 130
TEM (I²AT operates scope) 125 155 250
SEM (unassisted) 50 65 100
SEM (I2AT operates scope) 110 140 220
XRD (unassisted) 30*** 40*** 75***
Confocal 50 65 100
Atomic forces Microscope [AFM] (unassisted) 30 50 70
MRI (GE) Signa Excite 3.0T 600 600 900
X-ray CT (Nikon) XT H 225 ST 75 95 185
Triboindenter (Hysitron) 50 65 100
Optical Microscope (ZEISS) Axiovert 200 25 30 60
Differential Scanning Calorimeter 50 65 100
Dilatometer (UNITHERM) 1161H 50 65 100
Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (TA Instruments) Q800 50 65 100
Microhardness (Leco) LM300 AT 35 45 70
LPSA (Horiba) LA-950 45 55 90
Spectrometer (Spectro) SpectroMaxx 45 55 90
Talysurf (Taylor-Hobson) CLI 2000 30 40 60
TGA-DTA/DSC (Setaram) SETSYS Evolution 35 45 70

*       $50-$250 Depending on the type of material and the amount of preparation required.
**     Call for Quote
***   Rates for long scan time per single sample are negotiable
Large volume sample preparation rates are available, call for a quote
For any inquiry regarding the above services please contact us at (662) 325-3019

Light Microscopy Services:
Users will be charged actual costs for supplies (per slide) and for staff time (trimming block, cutting sections, mounting, staining, processing, etc.). Contact I2AT for price quotes.

Instrument rates:
All users are subject to a user fee. I2AT must demonstrate compliance with our institutional and federal requirements and cannot use discriminatory pricing between federal and non-federal sponsored activities. I2AT Rates charged to federal grants/contracts will not subsidize other users. Rates are established for each user class listed below.

  1. Internal Rates – for users paying with MSU accounts (Banner). No user will be charged a lower rate than a user paying with a federal funds
  2. Other Universities – university users external to MSU.
  3. External – users external to MSU in the manufacturing/technically productive/general business industry.

Because of the complexity of this instrument (the 200keV TEM), the I2AT recognizes that 1 hour of training may not be sufficient. Therefore, all new users of the instrument will be allotted up to 4 hours of "training" or "tech time" with no charge for "tech time". Users will be charged for "beam time" only during this initial training. Any hours that exceed the initial 4 hours will be charged the normal rate for tech time in addition to beam time.

Users will be charged a minimum of one hour for the first hour, then in 15 minute increments for any time over the initial hour. Please note: Time is assessed by MR room time and NOT by scan time alone. MR room time is defined as the amount of time the MR area is not available for other clinical or research project. MR room time includes the time it takes to set up the room and protocol, prepare the subject, reconstruct the MR images, and clean up.

For Animal Procedures: Contrast costs are $75 per subject.

IACUC standards require specific cleaning practices to take place prior to any animal research activities. We cannot guarantee admittance to the animal bay area before 5:30 p.m. Please keep this in mind when scheduling the MR for animal subjects that require preparation time (e.g. anesthesia). If you schedule an MR for 5:30 p.m. for an animal subject that requires use of the animal bay area and you would like to prepare the animal for MR prior to 5:30 p.m., you can call ahead (662-325-3019) to check whether the area is ready prior to 5:30 p.m.