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Mississippi State University and the I2AT support a wide range of research, development and analytical services for the university, collaborative academic institutions and industry throughout the world. Through our outreach activities we continue to establish new partners and strive to deepen the existing synergistic partnerships with local, regional, national and international industries. These partnerships capitalize and leverage the Universities state-of-the-art technologies and expertise, in a way that is mutually beneficial to all concerns. Mississippi State University continually invests in the latest technologies and therefore can provide superior technological resources and expertise to achieve world-class results. Whether your organization needs Mississippi State University and the I2AT to provide R&D, quality assurance or quality control services we can help satisfy the analytical needs facing life-science, engineering and industrial entities.

We encourage you to call if you have questions or would like to discuss our capabilities at (662-325-3019) or by email:

It is our goal to provide you with superior service and data to meet the microscopy and micro-analytical needs of your organization.

Outreach Activities

Mississippi State University and the I2AT are deeply committed to working to support school systems, individual schools, classrooms, teachers and students to promote STEM and other educational opportunities and develop programs that educate and inspire tomorrow’s scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

We believe strongly that advancing STEM education requires collaboration among industry, educators, policy makers and families that is why participation we engage in activities that bring state-of-the-art technologies, the beauty of the microscopic world, and the enthusiasm of scientific research to K-12, undergraduates, and the community as a whole. The technologies available at I2AT are out of reach for the individual classroom or school to acquire personally, but are made accessible through a variety of outreach efforts.

Scheduling an I2AT Tour

We enjoy sharing the exciting world of microscopy and microananlysis with all those who are interested. We can host demonstrations and tours of our microscopy center that will reveal a whole other realm of exploaration. The facility tours and instrument demonstrations are available for classes (grade school through college level) or small groups. There are various levels of tours; basic observation, simple sample preparation and microscope operation based on levels of interest, participants age, or the number of participants. For additional information or to schedule a tour, please call us at (662) 325-3019 or contact us by email: