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Available Training

Non-credit instruction is available on request to those who wish to learn how to prepare samples and/or use any of the equipment (SEM, TEM, Confocal, XRD, accessory equipment) housed at I²AT. Formal courses exist for the TEM and SEM (see Courses). To date, no formal courses are available specifically for the XRD or Confocal. However, as for the TEM and SEM informal training is available for these other instruments.

Confocal Training

Interested students would be taught basic imaging techniques using the Zeiss 510 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (CLSM). Utilization of both single and multi-channel tacking modes along with DIC or transmitted light can be employed. Imaging of live cells over time may also be covered. Users are expected to supply their own previously prepared samples.

XRD Training

Interested users would be taught basic techniques using the Rigaku Ultima III powder deffractometer. Advanced users needing more complicated techniques such as rocking curve, texture, pole figures, residual stress, small angle scattering, in-plane diffraction, and hot (900 deg C) stage may be taught use of the Rigaku SmartLab diffractometer. Users are expected to supply their own previously prepared samples. Prior knowledge of diffraction principles is essential.

MRI Safety Training

Users interested in utilizing the fMRI must complete safety training before they are given access to the fMRI. Once the research project application has been accepted, users are given access to the online safety training course.