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Invoicing & Payment Information

All requests for services must be submitted through our scheduling website here. When you complete the project application, please include all payment information. If payment information changes, please call 662-325-3019 or email to update.

I2AT uses web-based software for our accounting needs. Your invoice will be emailed to you. All users will be invoiced during the 2nd week of the month for services provided in the previous month. Ex: The invoice that you receive on May 15th will be services provided in April. Payments are due within 30 days.

Late Payment: A 10% charge will be added to all accounts more than 60 days past due.

Payment Methods

Journal Vouchers (internal users only)

One week will be given for each user/department to review and verify/change account information. I2AT will then process the journal voucher for payment.

Purchase Order

The P.O. Number and amount needs to be provided on the project application. This number will be referenced on your invoice. For large orders, no work will begin prior to receipt of the PO number.

A record of estimated charges (quote) can be emailed if requested. This quote is not an invoice.

Credit Cards

Do not provide the credit card number on the project application form. This information should be provided by phone (662.325.3019).


We do not encourage cash payments, but will accept. A receipt will be provided.


Mail payments to:

    Institute for Imaging & Analytical Technologies
    Attn: Accounting
    P.O. Box 6020
    Mississippi State, MS 39762

Please include I2AT invoice number to ensure payment is credited correctly.

Prepay/Advanced Billing/Credit Accounts
  • For internal users:

    are ALLOWABLE if the source of funding is NOT restricted; e.g., overhead, residual, foundation, etc. Users will be able to bill against the amount transferred on a fiscal year basis. Any remaining balance will be returned to the user at the end of the fiscal year (June). Once funds have been transferred to I2AT, a special account will be set up to track the funds. Monthly statements will be provided.

    are NOT ALLOWABLE if the source of funding is restricted; e.g., grants and contracts. MSU/I2AT is prohibited by federal guidelines (OMB A-21, A-110) to set up credit accounts using restricted funds. We are required to invoice for actual scans. All charges must be incurred during the period of performance of the project; therefore, services must be provided during the period of performance. This is to ensure that expenditures for sponsored agreements are proper and in accordance with the agreement documents and approved project budgets.

  • For external users:

    For credit accounts, non-federal funds can be sent to I2AT. An account will be set up to track the funds and monthly statements will be provided. Any remaining balance will be returned to the user at the end of the fiscal year (June).